GC Alum Lukas Gabric Publishes Book

Congratulations to GC Alum Lukas Gabric (PhD Musicology, 2020), whose book The Rhythm Changes Guide has just been published:

The Rhythm Changes Guide

The most comprehensive guide for rhythm changes ever published, offering a wealth of information for beginners and professionals alike.

  • Written in the language of the working musician and clearly laid out.
  • The Rhythm Changes Guide takes the reader from the absolute essentials to advanced improvisational concepts, all supplemented with examples from legendary players.
  • Includes 20 Etudes in all transpositions with backing tracks by a live NY rhythm section, exploring the rich tradition of Rhythm Changes and its harmonic possibilities
  • 95 pages of tradition-derived improvisation concepts and exercises, with dozens of examples from legendary players like John Coltrane, Sonny Rollins, Hank Mobley, Don Byas, Michael Brecker, and many others
  • Strategies for both diatonic and chromatic improvisation
  • Features unexplored concepts for improvisation such as Schenkerian theory
  • Includes 77 harmonic variations that are used by legendary players
  • Useful for beginners, intermediate-level performers, professionals, and musicians interested in diverse styles such as bebop, hardbop, modern contemporary, etc.

For more information visit: https://www.shermusic.com/9780997661767.php


 Lukas has put together an amazing, much needed book on one of music’s most universal forms. It is very clear and concise and can be used on several different levels. Whether you are a beginning or an advanced improviser, there are many things to be learned here. I plan on using it for my classes and lessons as well as for my own playing and practicing. Five stars and highly recommended!”
— Rick Margitza

 This is the most thorough and useful method on the subject of “rhythm” changes I have seen. I would recommend this book to everyone who wants to improve their ability to negotiate tunes based on “rhythm” changes; always a challenge to jazz musicians. The Rhythm Changes Guide will be a tremendous asset to anyone interested in this subject.”
— Walt Weiskopf

 The Rhythm Changes Guide by Lukas Gabric has everything you need to know about playing the time-honored song form. The author, a master musician, offers detailed insight into his harmonic concepts and gives everyone the chance to learn more about the art of jazz improvisation by sharing this deep knowledge of the subject matter. A must have!”
— Thomas Gansch

 Blues and rhythm changes are important milestones in jazz music. I personally know some research on playing the blues but not much on rhythm changes. This book by Lukas is a great study on this very important part of jazz. I warmly recommend it to everyone who wants to dive deeply into rhythm changes.”
— Tony Lakatos

 This book works well as a kind of encyclopedia of rhythm changes, and that’s a valuable thing for serious, committed mainstream jazz improvisers (certainly including myself ) to have as a kind of reference work. It’s well organized, and so thorough that even though I’ve spent a few hundred hours myself on rhythm changes, I can still find pathways that I haven’t yet explored.”
— Dan Greenblatt

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