Events of special interest to music theorists held at the CUNY Graduate Center

Events of special interest to music theorists held at the CUNY Graduate Center

 During the semester, the Music Department presents a number of formal and informal events, meetings, and guest lectures that are available to students of the Music Theory program at the CUNY Graduate Center. These events include:

  • Theory Group meetings: informal gatherings where theory majors discuss their recent projects or progress on their dissertation; present conference previews; and discuss other issues of concern as a community.
  • Professional Development Workshop: workshops for students of all majors that discuss specific aspects that relate to scholarship and career, such as applying for grants, writing a CV, and the like.
  • Guest lectures: some of these take place within specific classes (but are usually open to all Music Theory majors); other are open to the general public as well.
  • Conferences: various conferences are housed at CUNY and available to all students.

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Selected events and guest lectures for Spring 2023:

  • January 25 Music Theory CV and cover letter bootcamp (online, 5: 30pm)
  • February 9 Presentation by Ceclia Oinas (University of the Arts Helsinki), “Tactile Music Analysis? Corporeality, Empathy, and Bonding in Piano Four Hands Music and Lied Duos” (Room 3491, 5:30pm) 
  • February 10 Finding Voices in Medieval Song, recital, with lecture by Sarah Kay (Siegel Hall, 1:30pm) 
  • February 24 Presentation by Lauri Suurpää (Sibelius Academy), “An Individual Opposing the Crowd: The Capriccio of Haydn’s String Quartet, Op. 20, No. 2” (Room 3491, 1:30pm, part of “Musicology Bites” series) 
  • February 27 Guest Lecture by Mina Lee on Unsuk Chin (via Zoom) 
  • March 1 Theory Group meeting (online, 5:30pm) 
  • March 3 Presentation by  Michele Cabrini (Hunter College): “Lully and Quinault Reading Montalvo: Amadis or Adapting a Romance Novel into an Opera” (Room 3491, 1:30pm, part of “Musicology Bites” series) 
  • March 16 Panel Discussion, Ukraine’s Musical Influence (Hunter College, East Building, Room 706, 6pm) 
  • March 17 Prospective Students Day (via Zoom) 
  • March 20 Guest Lecture by Toru Momii  (via Zoom) 
  • March 21 MTSNYS Previews 
  • March 24–25  GSIM 
  • March 31 Guest colloquium: Richard Kramer “The anxiety of return: On a telling moment in the first movement of Beethoven, op 59, no1” (Room 3491, 1:30pm, part of “Musicology Bites” series) 
  • April 1–2 MTSNYS meeting (at NYU) 
  • April 12–13 Global Digital Music Studies Conference 
  • April 17 Guest lecture by Chelsea Burns on “Latin American Music and Indigenity” (via Zoom) 
  • April 26 Presentation by Kara Yoo Leaman, “Understanding Choreomusical Analysis: Balanchine Ballets and Beyond” (Room 3491, 5:30pm) 
  • April 28 Gianmario Borio (University of Pavia), “Sonic Invention and the ‘Dialectics of Liberation’: Free Improvisation in Europe around 1968” (Room 3491, 1:30pm, , part of “Musicology Bites” series) 
  • May 3, Theory Group meeting (online, 5:30pm) 
  • June 1–2 and 8–9 Analytic Approaches to World Music Conference  (online) 

Here is a list of some of these events that took place during the Fall 2022 semester that were sponsored by the CUNY Graduate Center, CUNY, or departments/classes within the Music Department: 

  • September 2: Convocation meeting (online) 
  • September 8: Guest faculty lecture, Disability Studies in Music class, Blake Howe (LSU, online) 
  • September 12: Guest lecture, Ralf von Appen (U. of Music and Performing Arts Vienna), “Measuring the Myth: Tempo and (Micro)Timing in the Music of the Rolling Stones.” (in person, Hunter College Lang Auditorium) 
  • September 15: Theory Group meeting (online) 
  • September 16: Faculty talk, Musicology Bites: Emily Wilbourne: “Archival Material: Barbara Strozzi’s Mother and the Subject of Music History” (in person) 
  • September 30: AMS Preview, Musicology Bites: Sam Teeple on German Jews and the Berlin Singakademie (in person)  
  • September 30: Global Xenakis Centenary Meeting, Barry Brook Center (hybrid) 
  • October 6: Guest faculty lecture, Disability Studies in Music class, Michael Bakan (FSU, online) 
  • October 21, 1:30pm AMS Preview Musicology Bites, Ted Gordon (Baruch College) on Sun Ra (in person lecture).  
  • October 21, 4pm: Ethnomusicology Colloquium, “Creative uses of digital audio technologies in Bamako recording studios (Mali),” by Profs. Emmanuelle Olivier (CNRS-EHESS, France), and Amandine Pras (University of York, UK) (hybrid) 
  • October 28, 1:30pm: Musicology Bites, AMS conference preview, by Robert Wrigley (hybrid) 
  • October 28, 2:30pm: SMT Preview with Alice Xue (in person) 
  • November 2: SMT Previews by Stephen Spenser and Itzá Garcia (online) 
  • November 3: SMT Previews by Stephen Gomez-Peck and Joseph Straus (online) 
  • November 4: AMS Preview, Musicology Bites: Kris Königin Eckelhoff, “Archiving Trans, Trans in the Archive’” 
  • November 28: Graduate Center sponsored public event:  Gavin Butt and Richard T. Rodríguez discuss British Post-Punk (online) 
  • November 29: Graduate Center sponsored public event:  Jenifer Homans and Pamela Newkirk discuss George Balanchine (hybrid) 
  • December 1, 5:30pm: Ensemble for the Romantic Center, webinar on Beethoven, with Harvey Sachs and James Melo 
  • December 1, 5:30pm: Music Theory meeting (online) 
  • December 2, 1:30pm: Guest speaker, Musicology Bites: Adriano Giardino (Université de Fribourg): “’Zu einfach für Kinder, zu schwierig für Künstler’ (online) 
  • December 2, 7pm Graduate Center sponsored public event:  Aidan Levy discusses his book on Sonny Rollins, in conversation with Gary Giddens (online) 
  • December 9: Faculty talk, Musicology Bites: Karen Henson (Room 3491) 
  • December 13: Graduate Center sponsored public event:  Adam Gopnick and D.T. Max discuss Stephen Sondheim (hybrid) 
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