Music Theory Student and Alumni Accomplishments

Recent Graduates

Here is a list of (now former) students with newly minted Ph. Ds from the Music Theory program at the CUNY Graduate Center, followed by their current teaching position:

  • Drew Fleming, 2022. “Beat Construal, Tempo, Metric Dissonance, and Transgressing the Groove in Heavy Metal” (Manhattan College). 
  • Kristi Hardman, 2022. “Experiencing Sonic Change: Acoustic Properties as Form- and Meter-Bearing Elements in Popular Music Vocals” (Colgate University).  
  • Ruka Shironishi, 2022. “Plainchant Accompaniment and Modal Harmony in Nineteenth-Century France” (Mannes, Juilliard, and Queens College).
  • Michèle Duguay, 2021. “Gendering the Virtual Space: Sonic Femininities and Masculinities in Contemporary Top 40 Music” (Indiana University).
  • Simon Prosser, 2021. “A Schema-Theoretic Approach to Hierarchy in Eighteenth-Century Tonality” (Indiana University).
  • Noel Torres-Rivera, 2021. “The Making of an Avant-gardist: A Study of Rafael Aponte-Ledée’s Early Life and Works (1957–1966) ” (University of Missouri Kansas City).

Student News

Annie Beliveau Annie Beliveau sang this summer for the premieres of ten new choral pieces at the Choral Chameleon Institute and for video recordings with Yasna Voices, the New York Bulgarian Women’s Choir. 

Erin Johnson presented the paper, “From Lied to Symphony: Evaluating Harmony’s Influence on Mahler’s Symphonic Manipulation of Song Material,” at Western University’s Graduate Symposium on Music (WUGSOM) conference. 

Stephen Gomez has a 3-year position at Alabama University; he is completing his dissertation “Form in Hip-Hop: Techniques, Aesthetics, and Meanings.”

Rebecca Moranis performed this summer in Arnold Schoenberg’s Pierrot Lunaire with The Happenstancers in Toronto; see here. She also joined Barbara Hannigan and her Equilibrium Young Artists initiative at the Lunenburg Academy of Music Performance, performing on flute and piccolo in vocal chamber music. 

Jong Song presented the paper, “Stereo Mixing in the Beatles: Positionality as an Instrument of Expression” at MTSMA in July.

Stephen Spencer is now a full-time instructor of Musicianship at Hunter College. This is a full-time Lecturer position.  An article he co-authored with Prof. Mark Spicer, “10cc, ‘I’m Not in Love’ (1975),” appears in the collection, Analyzing Recorded Music: Collected Perspectives. He is presenting the paper, “Toward a Multilevel Intervallic Understanding of Brightness in Post-Tonal Music,” at the SMT/SME/AMS meeting in New Orleans. 

Lina Tabak’s article, “Short Notes on Strong Beats: Case Studies in African and Afro-Diasporic Meter” accepted by the Brazilian journal TeMA. She serves as a panelist in the session, “Music Theory and Ethnomusicology: Towards Methodological Synergy, ” at the SMT/SME/AMS meeting in New Orleans, and will also present the paper, “On the Margin of Tolerance: Equi-Heptatonicism and Equal Temperament in Pacific-Colombian Currulao,” at the upcoming SAM conference.  This past year, she gave presentations at the TeMA conference and the conference and also at the Stravinsky in America conference sponsored by LSU.

Charlie Weaver took part in a recording of an opera by Henry Desmarets in Bremen, with the Boston Early Music Festival, and taught classes on plainchant and performance practice at the Summer Sacred Music program at St. Joseph’s Seminary and College. This academic year he serves as a Kulas Visiting Artist at Case Western Reserve University, and he continues to teach at Juilliard Queens College.

Alice (Bai) Xue is presenting the paper, “The Nostalgic Modernists: Tradition and Pop in Por Por Music of Accra, Ghana, ” at the SMT/SME/AMS meeting in New Orleans. This past year, she presented papers on jazz/hip hop and on African music at the Themus, GSIM, and the Harvard Graduate Music Forum conferences. 

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For a list of alumni since 1996, see here.

For a list of current students, see here. 

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