Fresh Science conference features

On March 23–24 2023, Visiting Scholar Researcher Liza Sirenko (Ukraine) co-organized “Fresh Science,” 17th International Youth Scientific and Practical Online Conference. The conference featured a number of scholars from around the world, including a number of DMA and PhD students from the Graduate Center CUNY. One of keynote talks was given by Prof. Joseph Straus. Other participants from the Graduate Center included:

  • Vaz, Joseph (DMA Performance, Piano), “Post-colonial Pitch in the Works of African Pianism”
  • Song, Sarah (DMA Performance, Cello), “Interculturality in Isang Yun’s Gasа”
  • Tabak, Lina (Music Theory PhD Program), “Long-Form Non-Isochrony and Implicit Music Theory: Cyclicity and Entrainment in Cantos de Boga”
  • Moranis, Rebecca (Music Theory PhD Program), “The End of Time: Closure in Movement VI of Messiaen’s ‘Quatuor pour la fin du temps’”
  • Schweitzer, Benjamin (Music Theory PhD Program), “Toshio Hosokawa’s Etudes for Piano and Japanese Aesthetics”
  • Beliveau, Anne (Music Theory PhD Program) “Haunting the Cutscene: Bulgarian Choral Music in Video Games at the Turn of the Milennium”



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