Electroacoustic Music Festival, Day 2

Date(s) - 04/04/2013
All Day

Elebash Recital Hall

Concert Six: 11:30–12:30 PM Segal Hall

  • Andrew Bluff, The Post-Industrial Frogscape
  • Taryn Mongillo, KAIROS
  • Ying-Jung Chen, Deconstruction of the Piano
  • Travis Houldcroft, System/Disperse
  • Alessio Gabriele, Unanima
  • Douglas Geers, Obsessive Currents
  • Alejandro Casales, Nymphaeas

Concert Seven: Music in Midtown, 1–2 PM Elebash Hall, featuring Madeleine Shapiro, cellist

  • Judith Shatin, For the Fallen
  • Michael Clarke, Enmeshed 3
  • Anna Rubin, The Beekeepers
  • Mark Ainger, 13forLucky
  • John Gibson, Red Plumes
  • Andreas Weixler, Die Grenzen des Zufalls

Concert Eight: 2:30–3:30 PM, Segal Hall

Curated Concert presented by Diego Garro, Keele University (UK)

  • Dave Barnett, Crypticdes
  • Vincent Chan, Wire
  • Diego Garro, patah2
  • Chris Pedder, Virus
  • Scott Voisey, Tranquility Blue

Concert Nine: 4–5 PM, Elebash Hall

  • Jon Anderson, luft am morgen
  • Christian Banasik, I see a voice (ver. 2)
  • Christopher Burns, Jacquard
  • Karin Senff, XRF
  • Nina C. Young, Sun Propeller
  • J. Garavaglia & C. Robles, Wooden Worlds

Concert Ten: 5:30–6:30 PM, Segal Hall

  • Manuella Blackburn, Javaari
  • Young-Shin Choi, Pamuk for gayageum and electronics
  • Antonio Mazzotti, Wall of Breath
  • Yota Kobayashi, Shikisou
  • John Melby, Layers
  • Jana Irmert, T like a cross

Concert Eleven: 7:30–9:30 PM, Elebash Hall

  • James Paul Sain, Beondegi
  • Brian Belet, Summer Phantoms: Nocturne
  • Hans Tutschku, Klaviersammlung
  • Mara Helmuth, Expanding Space
  • David Berezan, Thumbs
  • Takayuki Rai, Discrete Transfer for Piano and Computer
  • YuChung Tseng, Points of Departure, 2. 17 vars.
  • Monique Jean, Givre




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