The Graduate Students in Music Conference

Date(s) - 03/23/2018
All Day

Rm. 5414


The students of the Department of Music at the Graduate Center, CUNY, are pleased to announce the 21st Annual GSIM Conference in New York City on March 23–24, 2018. The conference will include a keynote address by Dr. Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier (Columbia University).  For all information, see:

Registration Form: Click here.

The Program:


3:00–4:00 Orientation
• Modes of Listening as an Analytical Methodology in Electroacoustic Music
Lauren Wilson (Eastman School of Music)
• Voice as becoming (-monstrous)
Malte Kobel (Kingston University, London)


4:15–5:45 Desiring Voices
• Voicing the Ends of the World: Phonography, Attunement, and the Anthropocene
Andrew Niess (University of Pennsylvania)
• Danger, Devotion, and Desire in Indian Perceptions of Pakistani Vocality
John Caldwell (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill)
• A Sweet Song for Chaste Ears: British Masculinity and the Castrato’s Voice in the Global Eighteenth Century
Devon J Borowski (University of Chicago)


7:00–7:30 Lecture Recital (in room 3491)
• Reinterpreting the “Drowned Woman”: Isabelle Aboulker’s Femmes en Fables
Rachael Lansang (Rutgers University)

7:30 RECEPTION, room 5409


1o:15 BREAKFAST (provided)

10:30–11:30 Hearing Voices
• Uncanny Presences in John Adams’s On the Transmigration of Souls
Martin Ross (University of Western Ontario)
• A Stronger Power Than Mine: Hearing the Post-Colonialist Voices in a Colonialist Opera
Stephanie Ruozzo (Case Western Reserve University)


11:45–12:45 KEYNOTE
• Sound, Indigeneity and the Audiovisual Archive in Northern South America
Dr. Ana Maria Ochoa Gautier (Columbia University)

LUNCH (provided), room 5409

2:00–3:30 Re-Composition
• The Vocoder, Auto-Tune, Pitch Standardization and Vocal Virtuosity
Ethan Hein (New York University)
• Don’t you let my sweet talk fool you: African American Hollers in the Jim Crow South
Lorenzo Vanelli (University of Bologna)
• How Popular Songs Become Jazz Tunes: De-entextualization and Musical Structure
Sean R. Smither (Rutgers University)


3:45–5:15 Bodies
• Contesting the Body through P’ansori
Laurie Lee (Harvard University)
• Chabanon and the Listening Body in Early Modern France
Stephen M. Kovaciny (University of Wisconsin—Madison)
• Haptic Aurality: Touching the Voice in Drag Lip-Sync Performance
Jacob Mallinson Bird (University of Oxford)



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