Musicology Faculty

Allan W. Atlas (Emeritus)
15th century, Victorian music/English concertina,
Vaughan Williams

William Bauer
jazz studies

Royal Brown
film music

Zdravko Blazekovic 

Richard Burke
opera, 19th-20th century music

Ruth DeFord

Italian madrigal; Renaissance theory

David Grubbs
Sound art and experimental music; pop music; sound recording

Barbara Hanning (Emeritus)
17th century Music

Chadwick Jenkins
 History of music theory, music and philosophy, early African-American music

Sylvia Kahan
19th-century and 20th-century French music

Richard Kramer (Emeritus)
18th and 19th centuries

Bruce MacIntyre
 Classical era; Haydn

Barbara Dobbs Mackenzie
18th century opera

Jennifer Oates
19th-20th century British music, women and music

Arbie Orenstein
20th century; French music

Antoni Pizà
Spanish music; biographical studies

Dennis Slavin
15th century, Renaissance

Anne Stone
Medieval and Renaissance music

Anne Swartz
Romantic music; eastern European; women composers

Jeffrey Taylor
American music; jazz history

Janette Tilley
17th-century music, gender studies, Canadian music

Emily Wilbourne
 17th-century music, gender studies

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