Spring 2014 Grid

­­ Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
10am-1pm (unless otherwise noted)




Research Sem in Music Hist: Crit Apprchs: Performance Studies

MUS 86500 CRN23423  3CR

Prof Emily Wilbourne

ROOM 3491

Research Sem in Ethnomusicology:

MUS 83100 CRN23425 3CR

Prof Jane Sugarman

ROOM 3491

Composers’ Forum

MUS 89200 CRN23429 1CR

Prof Bruce Saylor

ROOM 3491


DMA Topics

MUS 71500 CRN23433 1CR

Prof Janette Tilley


ROOM 3491


Research Sem in Music His: Mozart Operas

MUS 86200 CRN23432 3CR

Prof Bruce MacIntyre

ROOM 3389

2pm-5pm(unless otherwise noted)

Research Seminar in Theory/Analysis: Intermediate Schenkerian Analysis (Schenker II)

MUS 85400 CRN23421 3CR

Prof William Rothstein

ROOM 3389

20th-21st Century Performance Practice

MUS 81504 CRN23422 3CR

Prof Tania Leon

ROOM 3491


Performance Practice: Classical/Early Romantic

MUS 81502 CRN23424 3CR

Prof Raymond Erickson

ROOM 3491



Research Sem in Ethnomusicology: Music of India

[cross-listed with SPS, IDS]

MUS 88300 CRN 23427 3CR

Prof Peter Manuel

ROOM 3491


Research Sem in Mus Hist: Medievalism and the Modernist Musical Imagination

MUS 87000 CRN 23426 3CR

Prof Anne Stone

ROOM 3389




Research Sem in Theory/Analysis: Analyzing Atonal Music

MUS 84600 CRN23430 3CR

Prof Joseph Straus

ROOM 3491



Sonic Cinema: Music. Noise, and Moving-Image Media

[cross listed with FSCP 81000, ART 89600 & THEA 81500]

MUS 86500 CRN23707 3CR

Prof Amy Herzog






Research Sem in Theory/Anaylsis: The Beatles

[open to doctoral students in Music only]

MUS 85400 CRN 23428 3CR

Prof Mark Spicer


ROOM 3491

Proseminar: Teaching Music

MUS 71000 CRN23431 1CR

Prof Jane Sugarman


ROOM 3491



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