Feb. 28th Concert Honors GC Faculty Member Robert Dick

The Graduate Center Music Program is pleased to share that on Friday, February 28th GC students and alumni Sarah Carrier, Melissa Keeling, Bonnie McAlvin, Roberta Michel and Jonathan Singer will be hosting an exciting tribute concert event at the Firehouse Space in Brooklyn, NY, honoring composer and GC faculty member Robert Dick.  Robert has been a sculpting force behind the Brooklyn new music scene for decades. His influence continues to traverse international borders, inspiring composers and performers across many generations. His work has particularly been a game-changer for the flute, catapulting it to one of the most expressive instrumental voices of the 21st century. They will be performing nine of Robert’s most ground-setting works for flutes, ranging in expressivity from the wild timbral swirlings of “Flames Must Not Encircle the Sides” and utter bombast of “Gravity’s Ghost”, to the delicate  polyphonic slides of “Or” and spooky undertones of “Afterlight”.

Firehouse Space
246 Frost Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Tickets are $10
For more info, see: http://thefirehousespace.org/event/the-music-of-brooklyn-composer-robert-dick/


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