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New SMT-V Article featuring GC authors!

Three members of the Graduate Center Music Department community—Poundie Burstein (faculty), Quynh Nguyen (alumna), and Jennifer Roderer (DMA student)—jointly authored the video-article “The Best Laid Plans . . . and Others: An 18th-Century Compositional Outline,” SMT-V 10.1, available at This 10-minute video-article examines issues surrounding the use of models in music analysis, using an analysis from the […]

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Fresh Science conference features

On March 23–24 2023, Visiting Scholar Researcher Liza Sirenko (Ukraine) co-organized “Fresh Science,” 17th International Youth Scientific and Practical Online Conference. The conference featured a number of scholars from around the world, including a number of DMA and PhD students from the Graduate Center CUNY. One of keynote talks was given by Prof. Joseph Straus. […]

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thumbnail_Straus Rites of Spring

Prof. Joseph Straus’s Rite of Spring project

Prof. Joseph Straus’s produced a series of 18 analytical videos about the Rite of Spring (roughly twelve hours of video), which are now available through the website . The analyses are presented in a way that might be of interest to people who are not professionals, as well as by music professionals. Prof. Straus […]

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thumbnail_Rothstein Music Language of Opera

Prof. William Rothstein publishes a new book on Italian opera

Prof. William Rothstein’s long-awaited book, The Musical Language of Italian Opera, 1813–1859, has been published by Oxford University Press. Taking an eclectic analytical approach in examining works by Rossini, Bellini, Mercadante, Donizetti, and Verdi and, Meyerbeer, Rothstein uses ideas originating in several centuries, from the sixteenth to the twenty-first, to argue that operatic music can […]

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Events of special interest to music theorists held at the CUNY Graduate Center

Events of special interest to music theorists held at the CUNY Graduate Center  During the semester, the Music Department presents a number of formal and informal events, meetings, and guest lectures that are available to students of the Music Theory program at the CUNY Graduate Center. These events include: Theory Group meetings: informal gatherings where […]

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