The Barry S. Brooks Dissertation Award

About the Award:

More information about the Barry S. Brooks Dissertation Fellowship is forthcoming.

History of Award Winners:

Year  Name Dissertation Title Area
1990 Barbara A. Renton The Musical Culture of Eighteenth-Century Bohemia, with Special Emphasis on the Music Inventories of Osek and the Knights of the Cross PhD
1991 Yiu-Kwong Chung Henze’s Five Scenes from the Snow Country DMA
1991 David Stern The Use of Accidental Inflections and the Musical System in Josquin’s Period, ca. 1480-1520 PhD
1992 Zdenek D. Skoumal Structure in the Late Instrumental Music of Leos Janacek PhD
1992 Heather Platt Text-Music Relationships in the Lieder of Johannes Brahms PhD
1993 Emilio Ros Fabregas The Manuscript Barcelona, Biblioteca de Catalunya, M. 454; Study and Edition in the Context of the Iberian and Continental Manuscript Traditions PhD
1993 Sylvia Kahan The Princesse Edmund de Polignac (1865-1943): A Documentary Chronicle of Her Life and Artistic Circle DMA
1994 Bridget Conrad The Sources of Jolivet’s Musical Language and His Relationships with Varèse and Messiaen PhD
1995 Antoni Pizá The Tradition of Autobiography in Music PhD
1995 L. Chandler Carter, II The Progress in The Rake’s Return; composition “No Easy Walk to Freedom: An Opera Based on the Life of Nelson Mandela” PhD
1996 Diana Hallman The French Grand Opera La Juive (1835): A Socio-Historical Study PhD
1996 Ellie Hisama Gender, Politics, and Modernist Music: Analyses of Five Compositions by Ruth Crawford (1901-1953) and Marion Bauer (1887-1955) PhD
1997 Thomas Sauer Texture in Robert Schumann’s First-Decade Piano Works DMA
1998 Albin Zak The Poetics of Rock Composition: Multitrack Recording as Compositional Practice PhD
1999 Benedict Weisser Notational Practice in Contemporary Music: A Critique of Three Compositional Models (Luciano Berio, John Cage, and Brian Ferneyhough); his compositions are “Emma G.” and ” Napeague” PhD
2000 Elliott Hurwitt W.C. Handy as Music Publisher: Career and Reputation PhD
2001 Carolyn Guzki American Opera at the Metropolitan, 1910-1935: A Contextual History and Critical Survey of Selected Works PhD
2001 Alexander Stewart Composition and Performance in Contemporary New York City Big Bands (1989-1999) PhD
2002 Andrew White Good Invention Repaid with Interest: The Importance of Borrowing in Bach’s Compositional Practice PhD
2002 Marc Thorman Speech and Text in Compositions by John Cage, 1950-1992″ and his composition “I Am Right, You Are Wrong” PhD
2003 David Garcia Arsenio Rodriguez: A Black Cuban Musician in the Dance Music Milieus of Havana, New York City, and Los Angeles PhD
2004 Philip Stoecker Studies in Post-Tonal Symmetry: A Transformational Approach PhD
2004 Marva Duerksen Organicism and Musical Analysis: Three Case Studies PhD
2005 Channan Willner Durational Pacing in Handel’s Instrumental Works: The Nature of Expansion in the music of the High Baroque PhD
2006 Catherine Ragland Ni Aquí ni Allá (Neither Here nor There): Música Norte?a and the Mexican Working-Class Diaspora PhD
2007 Kyle Adams A New Theory of Chromaticism from the Late Sixteenth to the Early Eighteenth Century PhD
2008 Jadranka Važanová Svadobné nôty: Ceremonial Wedding Tunes in the Context of Slovak Traditional Culture PhD
2009 Quynh Nguyen An Analysis of Olivier Messiaen’s Last Piano Solo Work:  Les Petites Esquisses d’oiseaux. DMA
2010 Jonas Westover A Study and Reconstruction of the Passing Show of 1914: The American Musical Revue and Its Development in the Early Twentieth Century PhD
2011 John Wriggle Chappie Willet and Popular Music Arranging in Swing Era New York. PhD
2012 Andrew Pau An Analytical Study of Bizet’s Carmen: Melody, Text Setting, Harmony, and Form PhD
2013 Nathan Bowen Mobile Phones, Group Improvisation, and Music: Trends in Digital Socialized Music Making PhD
2014 Drew Nobile A Structural Approach to the Analysis of Rock Music PhD
2014 Jordan Stokes Music and Genre in Film: Aesthetics and Ideology PhD

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