The CUNY Doctoral Program in Music Theory and Analysis offers a solid foundation in the principal subfields of the discipline. Our courses combine an examination of theoretical concepts with their practical applications in hands-on analysis. 

Required classes include one semester of Current Trends in Music Theory, at least one semester of History of Music Theory, plus at least one semester each of theory and analysis in the following areas: tonal music, post-tonal music, popular music, and global music. Students round out their schedule with other classes of their choice, in consultation with their adviser.

Our faculty and alumni have made major contributions to the field. The music theory dissertations by CUNY graduates deal with a broad spectrum of topics. Music theory pedagogy also plays an important role in our program: our students all teach in the CUNY college campuses, and we have an impressive record of placing our graduates in academic positions as well as other positions.

Here are links that will help you find out more about the Music Theory and Analysis Program at the CUNY Graduate Center:

Students interest in applying to the Music Theory Program at the
Graduate Center should feel free to contact Prof. Burstein


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