Theory Dissertations and Alumni

CUNY Music Theory Dissertations and Alumni


The music theory dissertations authored by students and graduates in the CUNY Music Theory Program deal with a wide array of topics and areas. The following is a list of dissertations that current students are working on:

  • Drew Fleming, “Theorizing Groove and Extremity in Metal.”
  • Stephen Gomez, “Form in Hip-Hop: Techniques, Aesthetics, and Meanings.”
  • Kristi Hardman, “Experiencing Sonic Change: Acoustic Properties as Form- and Meter-Bearing Elements in Popular Music Vocals.”
  • Erin Johnston, “Symphonies that ‘Sing’: Reevaluating Voices and Vocality in Mahler’s Early Symphonic Works.” 
  • Christina Lee, “A Model for Hindemith Analysis: A Study of Hindemith’s Piano Sonatas.”
  • Timothy Mastic, “Analyzing the Songs and Albums of Dave Matthews Band.”
  • Nathan Pell, “ “Repetition and Division in Tonal Music.”


The following is a list of the CUNY music theory dissertations completed since 1996, followed by the school were the graduate is teaching/has taught or their current employment:

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