Twelve GC Students Presented at SEM Annual Conference

No fewer than twelve GC ethnomusicology students presented papers at the 2017 SEM Annual Conference in Denver in October. The papers were as follows:

Elaine Sandoval, “Pedagogies of Identity: Examining the Roles of El Sistema’s Alma Llanera Program Across Venezuelan Contexts” (panel on Performing within Parameters: Government Policy and the Performing Arts in Taiwan, Malaysia, and Venezuela)

Ben Dumbauld, “Unspectacular Resistance, or How Socialist Music Unraveled Socialism in Ceauşescu’s Romania” (panel on Authoritarianism and the Rise of the Right in Europe)

George Murer, “The Agora of the Fāṣil: Genre Boundaries and Translocal Idioms and Aesthetics in the Ḥaḍramīyāt of Twenty-First Century Kuwait” (panel on A Musical Mahjar: Idiom, Translocality, and Agency Across the Indian Ocean Region)

Brendan Kibbee, “Generosity and Gratitude, Patronage and Praise; Performing Sociality in Dakar, Senegal”

Janice Mahinka, “Tiene Sabor: A Metaphor for Musical Affect”

Emmy Williamson, “Zapateado, Women, and Participation in New York City’s Son Jarocho Community”


Panel:  Independent Music Scenes and New Media: Perspectives from North and South America

Frank Meegan, “Constructing the Brooklyn DIY Locality Through Online Images and Words”

María Agustina Checa, “Use and Appropriation of Social Media by Independent Bands and Record Labels of Córdoba, Argentina: New Ways of Socializing Self-Managed Culture”

Dean Reynolds, “It was an interesting experience… I don’t know if I would do it again”: Crowdfunding and Its Discontents on the New York Jazz Scene”


Panel:  Digital Media, Diasporic Imaginaries, and Sonic Cartographies of Caribbean and Latin American Musical Traditions

Johnny Frias, “Shaping the Puerto Rican Rumba scene: The Role of Cuban Recordings in the Performance of Rumba in Puerto Rico”

Stephanie L. Jackson (chair), “Invoking the ‘Universal Mother’ in a Digital Age: Social Media, Musical Heritage, and the Transformative Politics of Indo-Caribbean ‘Madrasi Religion’ in Guyana and NYC”

Bruno Bartra, “The Balkan-Mex Scene: Reinventing Yugoslavia and Roma Culture via Digital Media in Contemporary Mexico”


In addition, Carlos Cuestas presented a paper, “Black-Sounding Bogotá: The Muted Presence of Afrocolombians in the Urban National Bambuco,” at the Annual Meeting of the American Anthropological Association (Washington, DC, Nov. 29-Dec. 3).

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