Eight GC Students Will Present at SEM Annual Conference

Stephanie Lou George tappu drumming in Queens, NY to invoke the Universal Mother

No fewer than eight GC ethnomusicology students will be presenting at the 2018 Society for Ethnomusicology Annual Conference in Albuquerque in November. George Murer will present his film, “Her Biji Grani,” and Brendan Kibbee will be a member of a panel, “Musical Labor in the Shadows of Socialism,” organized by recent GC graduate Benjamin Dumbauld.  Six students will present papers, as follows:

Joseph Alpar:  “Hasidic Songs, Sephardi Voices: Constructing Modern Religious Selves in Istanbul’s Jewish Community”

Brian Bond, “Teaching Islam in Song: Sindhi Kafi Performance in India’s Western Border”

Bradford Garvey, “Towards a political economy of praise: a praise/exchange cycle in the Sultanate of Oman”

Chris McGuinness, “Make your Mix Translate”: The Social Construction of Transduction in Sound Engineering Practices”

Elaine Sandoval, “(Re)making Música Llanera: Performance, Circuits, and Transnationalism during Venezuela’s State Crisis”

Sarah Trouslard:  “Daniel Loddo’s ‘Sénher Francès’: An Occitan Retort to French Universalism”


In addition, new GC faculty member Eliot Bates will present his paper, “Transduction Everywhere! Autoethnographic Documentation and Instrumental Encounters in the Eurorack Modular Synthesis Culture,” and recent GC graduate Joshua Katz-Rosene will present “Searching for ‘Social song’: Classifying Oppositional Music in Colombia Through 50 Years of War.”

In other news, in March 2018, Stephanie Lou George (formerly Jackson) participated in a panel “The Critical Present of South Asian American Studies” at the annual conference of the Association of Asian American Studies (AAAS) in San Francisco.  She also presented her work as an invited lecture at a conference at Stanford University that month.

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