Suzanne Farrin Named Guggenheim Fellow

Suzanne Farrin, composition faculty at Hunter College and The CUNY Graduate Center, was awarded a 2019 Guggenheim Fellowship in recognition of her exceptional creativity in the arts.

Farrin’s music has been performed by some of the world’s great musicians and her Guggenheim citation highlighted her inventive explorations of instrumental and vocal sound. Farrin’s opera, “Dolce La Morte,” based on the love poetry of Michelangelo, was commissioned by the Metropolitan Museum of Art, where it premiered in 2016 to critical raves. “Bringing out the shattering honesty of Michelangelo’s poetry, Ms. Farrin set the words to music of aching intensity,” The New York Times critic Anthony Tommasini wrote, hailing the piece as “an unforgettable performance.”

“It is a privilege to receive the generous Guggenheim Fellowship, which will provide me with the support and time necessary to devote to my work as a composer, creating new momentum for the next phase of my creative life,” Farrin said. “This type of support enables access to new resources, not only from the organization, but from within your own self, making the next big leap in your career possible. I’m eager to return to the desk and see where this can take me as a composer.”


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John Simon Gugenheim Memorial Foundation – Suzanne Farrin

Photo by Luke Redmond


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