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Nathan Bowen

Daniel Colson

Joshua Feltman

Jennifer Griffith

Ju Yong Ha

Jonathan Howard Katz

Martín Kutnowski

Paul Riker

Andrea La Rose

Andrew Liu-Rosenbaum

Patrick Muchmore

Nicholas R. Nelson

Jessica Rudman

R. David Salvage

Karen Siegel

Cyrill Schürch

Dan Shore

Daniel Sonenberg

Andy Teirstein

Inés Thiebaut

Tolga Tüzün

Red Wierenga

John Wykoff

DMA Performance:

Yavet Boyadjiev

Alicia Chapman

Shih-Yi Chiang

Olivier Fluchaire

Nína Margrét Grímsdóttir

Sarah Grunstein

Marka Gustavsson

Fernando Hasimoto

Gilya Hodos

Paul Houghtaling
(Vocal Performance, Bass-Baritone) 

Robert Janssen

Alicia Jones

Mariko Kaneda

Masha Lankovsky

Mirna Lekić

Daniel Levitov

William McNally

Roberta Michel

Juyeon Seong

Saori Ohno

Diane Taublieb

Mary Thorne
(Vocal Performance, Soprano)

Pei-Chun Tsai

Vicky Wang

Brian Willson

Judy Woo

Constantinos Yiannoudes
(Vocal Performance, Baritone)



Ozan Aksoy. Adjunct Professor, New York University. Postdoctoral Fellow, Middle East and Middle Eastern American Center, CUNY. The music and multiple identities of Kurdish Alevis from Turkey in Germany (2014).

Stephen Amico. Assistant Professor of Music and Media Studies, University of Amsterdam. Blue notes: Gay men and popular music in contemporary urban Russia (2007).

Ryan Bazinet. Adjunct Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Two sides to a drum: duality in Trinidad Orisha music and culture (2013).

Katharine Cartwright. Associate Professor of Music, Northwest Vista College, TX. Performing Vocalist/Flutist. Quotation and Reference in Jazz performance: Ella Fitzgerald’s “St. Louis Blues,” 1957-1979 (1998).

Alessandra Ciucci. Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology, Columbia University. Poems of honor, voices of shame: The ‘aita and the Moroccan shikhat (2008).

Carl Clements. Visiting Assistant Professor of Music, Hampshire College, MA. Performing Saxophonist/Flutist. Composer. Pannalal Ghosh and the Bānsurī in the Twentieth Century (2010).

David Demotta. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Hunter College, CUNY. Performing Pianist. Composer. The Contributions of Earl ‘Bud’ Powell to the Modern Jazz Style (2015).

Noe Dinnerstein. Adjunct Professor, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Ladakhi Folksongs: A cultural, musical, and literary study (2013).

Margaret Farrell. Adjunct Assistant Professor, Manhattan College. Guest Lecturer, Manhattan School of Music. Aspects of adaptation in the Egyptian singing film (2012).

David Garcia. Associate Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Arsenio Rodriguez: A back Cuban musician in the dance music milieus of Havana, New York City, and Los Angeles (2003).

Ju-Yong Ha. Cultural Liason for the Arts, The Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourish, Republic of Korea. Executive Director, Korean Traditional Performing Arts Association, NY. The grand and majestic: Ujo in P’ansori and Sanjo tradition (2010).

Mark Howell. Director, Department of Archives & History, Winterville Mounds Park and Museum, MS. An ethnoarchaeomusicological investigation of highland Guatemalan Maya dance-plays (2004).

Benjamin Lapidus. Associate Professor of Music, John Jay College of Criminal Justice, CUNY. Performing Guitarist. An examination of the Changui genre of Guantanamo, Cuba (2002).

Noriko Manabe. Associate Professor of Music Studies, Temple University, PA. Research Associate, School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London. Western Music in Japan: The evolution of styles in children’s songs, hip-hop, and other genres (2009).

Joseph Palackal. Indic musicologist, singer, composer. Syriac chant traditions in south India (2005).

David Pier. Assistant Professor, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Performing Pianist. The Senator National Cultural Extravaganza of Uganda: A branded African traditional music competition (2009).

David Racanelli. Assistant Professor of Music, Dowling College, NY. Diasporic jeliya in New York: A study of Mande griot repertoire and performance practice (2010).

Catherine Ragland. Associate Professor of Ethnomusicology, University of North Texas. Ni aqui ni alla (neither here nor there): Musica nortena and the Mexican working-class diaspora (2005).

Evan Rapport. Assistant Professor of Ethnomusicology & Chair of Contemporary Music, The New School, NY. The musical repertoire of Bukharian Jews in Queens, New York (2006).

Patrick Rivers. Assistant Professor, University of New Haven, CT. The mad science of hip-hop: History, technology, and poetics of hip-hop’s music, 1975-1991 (2014).

Alexander StewartAssociate Professor & Jazz Studies Coordinator, University of Vermont. Forensic musicologist. Composition and performance in contemporary New York City big bands, 1989-1999 (2000).

Angelina Tallaj-Garcia. Visiting Instructor of Music, Franklin & Marshall College, PA. Performing Blackness, Resisting Whiteness: Negotiating Racial Identity through Music in the Dominican Republic (2015).

Jadranka Vazanova. Senior Editor, Repertoire International de Litterature Musicale (RILM). Svadobne noty: Ceremonial wedding tunes in the context of Slovak traditional culture (2008).

Elizabeth Wollman. Associate Professor, Baruch College, CUNY. The aesthetic development of the rock musical on the New York stage (2002).

Thomas Zlabinger. Assistant Professor of Music, York College, CUNY. Performing Bassist. Free from jazz: The jazz and improvised music scene in Vienna after Ossiach, 1971-2011 (2013).


Francisco Javier Albo

Victoria von Arx

Danielle Bastone

Christopher Bruhn

Brooke Bryan

Jacob A. Cohen

Michael J. Eisenberg

Roger Evans

James Fullerton

Carolyn Guzski

Aya Esther Hayashi

Blake Howe

Stephanie Jensen-Moulton 

Meebae Lee

Alexandra Lewis

Aaron Liu-Rosenbaum

David McCarthy

Mauricio Molina

Peter C. Muir

Mark A. Pottinger

Catherine Ann Ragland

Paul Schleuse

Loretta Terrigno

Shaena B. Weitz

Music Theory:

Kyle Adams

Mark Anson-Cartwright

Inessa Bazayev

Zachary Bernstein

Michael Berry

Luann Dragone

Marva Duerksen

Sigrun Heinselmann

Ellie Hisama

Patricia L. Howland

Peninah Kanovsky

Edward Klorman

Robert Kosovsky

Megan Lavengood

Charity Lofthouse

Lauren Longo

Catherine Losada

Rachel Lumsden

Noriko Manabe

Karen Mandelbaum

Jan Miyake

Roy Nitzberg

Drew F. Nobile

Steve Nuss

Shaugn O’Donnell

Ina Park

Dan Partridge

Christopher Park

Andrew Pau

Eve Poudrier

Erez Rapoport

Thomas Robinson

Frank Samarotto

Jamuna Samuel

Matthew Santa

Lawrence Shuster

Stephen Slottow

Philip Stoecker

Nick Stoia

Loretta Terrigno

Aleksandra Vojcic

Channan Willner

Sevin Yaraman



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