Conference Schedule:

16th Annual City University of New York Graduate Students in Music (GSIM) Conference


Friday 4/12:

1:30–2:00: Registration and welcoming – Student lounge, room 3102

2:00–4:00: Paper session: “Philosophical Influences”
Drew Nobile, session chair
Room 3491

  • Zachary Bernstein (CUNY Graduate Center), “Leonhard Euler’s Tentamen novae musicae theoriae and the Inheritance of Seventeenth-Century Philosophy”
  • Emily S. Monk (University of South Carolina), “Attali, Therapeutic Music, and Modern Consumerism”
  • Nathan Shields (The Juilliard School), “Nature and Transcendence in the Early Schoenberg”
  • James Archer (University of Durham), “Snapshots in time: image metaphors and temporal multiplicity in Adorno’s aesthetics of music”

4:00–4:15: Coffee break – Student lounge, room 3102

4:15–5:15: Paper session: “Modes of Listening” 
Prof. Joseph Straus, session chair
Room 3491

  • Matthew Toth (Western University), “Structural Beyond Listening: Subotnik, Meillassoux, and Leif Inge’s 24 Beet Stretch
  • Benjamin Hansberry (Columbia University), “What are Scale-degree Qualia?: A Critique of Cognitivism and a Philosophical Account”

5:15–6:15: Paper session: “Perspectives on Technology”
Prof. David Olan, session chair
Room 3491

  • Sergi Casanalles Abella (New York University), “Hyperorchestra, Hyperreality, and Inception”
  • Andie Sigler (Centre for Interdisciplinary Research in Music Media and Technology, McGill University School of Computer Science), “Ontologies for Algorithmic Music and Musical AI”

6:15–7:15: Reception – Student lounge, room 3102


Saturday 4/13:

10:00-10:30: Breakfast (free for conference attendees) – Student lounge, room 3102

10:30-1:00: Workshop: “New Ontologies of Music”
Prof. Benjamin Piekut (Cornell University), leader
Room 3491

1:00-2:00: Lunch (free for conference attendees) – Student lounge, room 3102

2:00-4:00: Paper session: “Analysis” 
Prof. Benjamin Piekut (Cornell University), session chair
Room 3491

  • Dan Ruccia (Duke University), “The Correct ‘Yeah’: US Maple’s Deconstruction of the Voice”
  • Joshua Harris (University of North Texas), “The Body in Helmut Lachenmann’s ‘Filter – Schaukel’ from Ein Kinderspiel: A Phenomenological Analysis”
  • Serena Wang (CUNY Graduate Center), “The Aesthetics of Silence in Chou Wen-Chung’s Windswept Peaks and String Quartet No. 1”
  • Emma McConnell (Eastman School of Music), “Redefining Narrative: a path through Kurtág’s Kafka Fragments”

4:00-4:15: Coffee Break – Student lounge, room 3102

4:15-5:15: Paper session: “Opera”
Emeritus Prof. Barbara Hanning, session chair
Student lounge, room 3102

  • Hee Seng Kye (University of Hong Kong), “Mozart the Philosopher: Aside, Silence, and Time in La clemenza di Tito
  • Lee Chambers (Texas Tech), “Orphic Voices and Intercultural Signification: Operatic Works, Recontextualized Performance, and the Metaphysics of Presence”


(To read abstracts, download a PDF of the complete program here: GSIM_2013_Program_FULL_SIZE)

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