New Collaborative Work by GC Composer Whitney George, The Curiosity Cabinet, & Puppeteer Daniel Fay

The Graduate Center Music Program is please to share that on May 23rd, 2015, The Curiosity Cabinet will be presenting a new collaborative work titled “The Curious Tale of Ed Leedskalnin” with puppeteer Daniel Fay at The Standard Toykraft in Brooklyn, featuring new music by GC composer Whitney George, and with GC DMA alumna Alice Jones playing in the ensemble.

Performers and Collaborators Include:

Alice Jones, Flute (GC DMA alumna)
Mara Mayer, bass clarinet
Adam von Housen, violin
Joe Tucker, percussion
Daniel Fay, lead puppeteer & concept design
Evie Morrel-Samuels & Rachael Balcanoff, puppeteers

new music by Whitney George

Details are as follows: 

May 23rd, 2015 @ 8:00 PM
“The Curious Tale of Ed Leedskalnin”
Featuring The Curiosity Cabinet with puppeteer Daniel Fay
At Standard Toykraft – 722 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn

About the Work: 

Meet Ed Leedskalnin: a small unassuming Latvian immigrant who is responsible for singlehandedly constructing the monument Coral Castle in Florida. This was an impossible feat for one man to create, but he claimed that he had discovered the secret of the Egyptians and constructed this monolithic coral city using nothing but a small mysterious box set on a tripod that he claimed could reverse the magnetic forces on Earth and levitate these huge structures. To this day no one can explain how these coral formations could have been moved from the sea miles away to the location where he built this and he did it for a woman he loved who never came to see his creation. Ed’s story is retold through live music by Whitney George, performed by The Curiosity Cabinet and staged drama with puppets created by Daniel Fay.


For more information about The Curiosity Cabinet, see:


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