The Graduate Center Presents – Music from Copland House UNDERSCORED: Jalbert Crossings

The Graduate Center presents Music from Copland House, UNDERSCORED: Jalbert Crossings.

Join us for the virtual event on Monday, January 25, 2021 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM ESTFree; RSVP required. Please register here to receive Zoom invitation details and reminders via email.

About this Event

“Wonderful music, warm performances, full of humanity and empathy, confident and transparent.” – New York Classical Review

Lauded as “an acknowledged chamber music master” by The New Yorker, Vermont-born composer Pierre Jalbert (photo below) has enjoyed a productive 20-year association with the Music from Copland House ensemble, which commissioned, premiered, and recorded Crossings, the featured work on this program. Inspired by the migration of people voyaging into new and unfamiliar places, this dynamic work traces Jalbert’s own French-Canadian-American ancestry. Crossings, from 2011, is built around a folk song from Quebec, Quand j’ai parti du Canada (“When I Left Canada”), which is heard in full and in its pure form only in the serene middle section of the work; both before and after that, the striking, somewhat mournful tune is deconstructed, reinterpreted, reassembled, and reordered in all kinds of inventive and unexpected ways.

This program features a complete performance by Music from Copland House of this remarkable work, preceded by a brief introductory conversation with the composer, and followed by a live Q&A with viewers.

Featured Music from Copland House artists: Linda Chesis, flute; Derek Bermel, clarinet; Harumi Rhodes, violinist; Alexis Pia Gerlach, cellist; Michael Boriskin, pianist.

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