The Elebash Award

The Elebash Award

About the Award:

The Baisley Powell Elebash Fund Committee welcomes applications from doctoral students at the CUNY Graduate Center pursuing topics related to music in New York City (this is broadly defined as anywhere in the five boroughs or Greater NYC area). Topics must seriously engage the cultural, political, and/or social context of greater NYC area in some way; work on musicians, genres, events, etc. that just happen to be located in NYC are not likely to be considered. Please contact Prof. Taylor if you are unsure if your topic or object of study qualifies.

The Committee awards two types of grants:

(1)  Dissertation Grants. Sizeable grants for students at the dissertation stage (i.e., with an approved proposal). These consist of a lump sum with no restrictions (but please see below). Students may reapply for grants, though preference will be given to new applicants.

(2)  Research Grants. Grants for travel, research, performances, equipment, etc. These are available for students at any stage of their doctoral study who wish to pursue a NYC topic or a performance related to music in NYC. Students may reapply for grants, but preference will be given to new applicants.

How to Apply:

–To apply for a Dissertation Grant, please include

–your approved dissertation proposal, with the name of your advisor;

–one additional page in which you explain why your topic is appropriate for this grant;

–a letter of support from your advisor, which specifically mentions why your dissertation topic is appropriate for this award (copy of email is fine)

Email materials as a PDF file to Prof. Jeffrey Taylor ( , with “Elebash Dissertation Application” and your last name in the subject line. Those reapplying for grants must include a page in which they explain how the first grant was used to support their dissertation work (no budget needed), and how the additional amount will be used.

–To apply for a Research Grant, prepare a one-page description of how you wish to spend the funds, why your application is appropriate for an Elebash Grant, and (on a separate page) a brief budget. Please email the materials as a PDF file, with “Elebash Research Application” and your last name in the subject line, to Prof. Taylor at  If you received an Elebash research grant in the past, please summarize how that grant was used (no budget summary necessary). You may apply for a grant for a different topic, but please follow the guidelines outlined above.

Except in unusual circumstances, all events sponsored by the Elebash Fund should take place in Elebash Recital Hall, at the Graduate Center.

The deadline for all materials is midnight [11:59pm] Wednesday, Dec. 1, 2021. Applications not time-stamped midnight or earlier, or which do not include required materials, will not be considered. Please direct further inquiries to Prof. Taylor at

IMPORTANT: Please note that, according to CUNY policy, any grant amount not used for tuition or tuition-related expenses is subject to tax. In addition, students with certain aid packages may have a limit on how much they may receive or may be ineligible for additional funding. The Committee will attempt to ascertain a student’s eligibility before making an award, but questions on this matter should be directed to the Financial Aid Office.

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