Kristofer Eckelhoff, Musicology

Kris Königin (they/he), a trans musicologist and vocal instructor, will present his work “Archiving Trans, Trans in the Archive: A Methodological Framework for Studying and Locating Our Musical ‘Trancestors’” at both the American Studies Association (5 Nov) and American Musicological Society (10 Nov) national conferences in New Orleans. Using primary sources from the 1860s through 1920s, Königin traces the history of the world’s first public trans movement in Berlin, challenging the assertion that trans is an advent of the mid-to-late twentieth century. Evidence shows that the concept of trans predates the concept of gender as a social construct and therefore should be used as an historical identifier, much like how we use gender to analyze and interpret pre- gender sources. Königin has been recognized nationally and internationally for his specialization in training transgender voices and regularly gives workshops and historical talks on trans voices, figurately and metaphorically.

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