Electroacoustic Music Festival, Day 1

Date(s) - 04/03/2013
All Day

Elebash Recital Hall

Concert Two: 11 AM–12 PM, Elebash Hall

Curated Concert presented by Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, University of Huddersfield (UK)
featuring Heather Roche on clarinets

  • Alex Harker, Fluence
  • Julio d’Escrivan, aguas tranquilas corren profundo
  • Monty Adkins, Four Shibusa (no.4 – Permutations)
  • Geoff Cox, Voicing Deconstruction
  • Pierre Alexandre Tremblay, La rupture inéluctable

Concert Three: 1:30 PM–3 PM, Elebash Hall

  • Dan Tramte, The God Particle
  • Christopher Cook, Siren Song
  • Kotoka Suzuki, Automata: Mechanical Garden
  • Ursula Meyer-König, l’espace entre les souvenirs
  • Gerard Gormley, Bunker
  • Anthony Tan, Pose I: Between the Sadness
  • Michael Gogins, Blue Leaves 5a
  • Travis Garrison, selectric.metal
  • Mark Oliveiro, Tartarian Psalms
  • John Nichols III, Amovi Alaan

Concert Four: 4:30–6 PM, Elebash Hall

  • David Taddie, Category 5 (Echoles)
  • Mari Ohno, Floating sound
  • Christopher Chandler, a thing of dream and mist
  • Brona Martin, All Along the Bell Tower
  • Butch Rovan, Desire with Digressions
  • Patrick Conlon and Christina Giacona, Retro Rhapsody
  • Tae Hong Park, T1
  • Margaret Schedel, Partita, Perihelion

Concert Five: 7:15–9:15 PM, Elebash Hall

  • Andy Dolphin, Mint Cascade
  • Andrew May, Ripped-Up Maps
  • Adam Scott Neal, C/K/P
  • George Brunner, La Nuit dans le Marais
  • Stephen David Beck, Unhinger
  • Andrew Babcock, Reconstruction
  • Maurice Wright, A Fish’s Tale
  • Savannah Agger, Guiame los pasos
  • Jeffrey Stolet, Lariat Rituals
  • Nils Potet, Reflet



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