Current Performance Students

Carrie Bean

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Cello

Rhiannon Banerdt

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Violin
  • Research Interests: Violin, chamber music

Sarah Carrier

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Flute
  • Repertoire Specialties: Contemporary music, extended techniques
  • Research Interests: Transformation learning theory, performance studies, social psychology of music, flute pedagogy

Andrea Covais

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Voice (soprano)
  • Research Interests: 19th Century French Art Song, Music written and used for the Catholic Church

Chad Cygan

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Voice (Tenor)
  • Research Interests: Opera, Oratorio, Art Song

Manon Hutton-DeWys

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Piano

Alexandra Joan

  • Email:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Piano
  • Specialization:  Schenkerian Analysis

Danya Katok 

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Voice (soprano)
  • Specialization:  20th c. American and English opera/art song and Russian art song

Melissa Keeling

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Flute
  • Specialization:  Electronic and avant-garde flute music

Chelsea Lane

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Harp

Kristin Leitterman

  • Contact: 
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Oboe and Voice (soprano) 

Ashleé Miller

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Clarinet
  • Research Interests: Charles Ives; 20th/21st Century American music

Sara Paar

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Voice (soprano)
  • Specialization: contemporary classical repertoire, including rep that crosses style boundaries, and French mélodies (esp. Fauré, Poulenc, and Messiaen)
  • Research Interests: vocal pedagogy and anatomy, music cognition, American opera, and influences on contemporary composers (commercial music/pop culture/literature/etc)

Igor Pikayzen

  • Concentration: DMA Performance
  • Contact:

Jonathan Singer

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Percussion
  • Research Interests and Specializations: 1920s-30s xylophone, North and South Indian classical music, 20th-21st c. repertoire / working with composers

Lisa Tipton

  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Violin
  • Research Interests: Chamber music

Emily Vold

  • Contact:
  • Concentration: DMA Performance – Violin
  • Research Interests: chamber music, 20th/21st century solo violin repertoire

    Gregory K. Williams

    • Contact:
    • Concentration: DMA Performance – Viola
    • Research Interests: String pedagogy, 20th/21st century chamber music and solo repertoire, orchestral repertoire.  I am interested in uncovering and exploring underrepresented composers and their works.


If you are a current student in the GC Music Program and would like your name and information added to this list, please fill out the Current Student Information Form.

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